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The Become One Again course gives you a step-by-step strategy and plan for improving your communication. 

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Are Any of These True for You?

You often feel lonely or disconnected from your partner.

You can’t communicate in a way that your partner understands and hears you.  

You’re arguing more often and more intensely. 

You recognize the behavioral patterns, limiting beliefs, and past hurts that are hijacking your relationship.

You’ve stopped being intimate or barely ever have sex.

You’re worried about what will happen with your children if you divorce.

The stress of your relationship is impacting other parts of your life.

You fear financial ruin if you get divorced.

Special price of $197 valued at $1,000.

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Chantel Cohen

I Know it’s Scary Thinking About
the Future of Your Relationship! 



It’s scary because …

YOU know it’s virtually impossible to heal your relationship without a strategy or a plan.

Are you or your partner uncomfortable sharing intimate details of your life with a third party?

The Become One Again Communication Course for Couples is that plan!  …

Let’s be real … imagine spending holidays alone, while your children spend time with your ex-partner’s new love interest

Imagine someone else living in the home that you once shared with your partner and building new memories that you will never participate in

Imagine having to start all over again late in life, losing the lifestyle you’ve spent your life building with your partner

This fate is NOT written in stone …

There’s no need to have that awkward meeting with a third party.

The Become One Again course gives you a step-by-step strategy and plan for improving your communication.

We Can Help You Set up
YOUR Relationship for Lasting Love

Get your relationship back on track and make it stronger than ever with the Become One Again Communication Course for Couples.

 Just because you don’t feel that initial spark anymore doesn’t mean it’s gone forever.  The Become One Again Communication Course for Couples offers best in class techniques and tools that will help you rekindle the chemistry and find the love and care you once had for one another.

The course will help you find your way back to one another by helping you understand the circular arguments you and your partner use when you are angry at one another.


The Become One Again Communication
Course for Couples’ Will Help You …


Create new and effective ways of communicating that strengthen your relationship

Regain the trust to help you get your sex life back on track

Heal past disagreements

Decrease painful arguments

Recognize the patterns of communication that interfere with intimacy and trust

Understand how to meet your partner’s needs

Target specific behaviors that are sabotaging your relationship

Develop healthy communication patterns


If you’ve been arguing more with your partner, feeling lonely, having less sex or none at all, and are worried about separating … try the Become One Again Communication Course for Couples before resorting to breaking up.

The 6 modules provide a targeted approach to repairing and improving YOUR relationship. By working through the program with your partner or solo, you will identify and repair painful communication patterns. 

Many couples see improvements after doing just 2 modules.  In under 3 hours you and your partner  can improve your relationship on your own time in the comfort of your own home, in HD video formats available for your desktop, laptop, mobile phone and smart TV.

Even the Strongest Relationships
can use Maintenance

Even if you are not on the brink of a break up, you and your partner can benefit from the Become One Again Communication Course for Couples.  Use the Become One Again course to turbo charge your already healthy relationship by using the tools and techniques that you and your partner will learn in the Become One Again Communication Course for Couples. 

The Become One Again Communication Course for Couples provides a map and a compass for creating deep life and love affirming connection.

The course provides you with “at your finger tips” support and practical skills to keep you on track at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

The Become One Again Course can help you have the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted!

Rekindle the chemistry, the loving care and the respect you had for each other when you first met.

Imagine feeling fully supported and loved in your relationship – a relationship that enhances your whole life.

Get the relationship you’ve always wanted, where you two are relating to one another in a way you haven’t experienced since you first dated.  Don’t wait – contact us today to get started getting YOUR relationship back!

Module One – Are you a Fixer or a Connector?  In module one, you will identify and unlock your partner’s communication style. Watch a sneak preview of Module 1 here:

Module 1 Sneak Preview


Module Two – Connectors and Fixers Unplugged  … You will learn what you and your partner really need in a relationship. Watch a sneak preview of Module 2 here:

Module 2 Sneak Preview


Module Three – Become One Again Conversations:  You will learn step by step how to communicate with your partner.

Module 3 Sneak Preview


Module Four – Identifying Negative Cycles and the Inner Dialogue.  You will learn how arguments create insecurity and doubt in your relationship. 

Module 4 Sneak Preview


Module Five – Understanding YOUR Inner Dialogue and Triggers in order to stop arguments in real time

Module 5 Sneak Preview


Module Six – Success … Applying the Become One Again Framework to your relationship. 

Module 6 Sneak Preview


Bonus Module – Healthy Interdependence

Q & A


  • client

    “I’ll admit, I did not have high hopes for counseling. Our relationship seemed so far gone. In fact, we’d already decided to separate. When we told Chantel, she said, “As long as you guys keep coming, I’m going to be an advocate for the relationship.” I told her if she could get us to work, she must be a miracle worker. Well, I’m here to say, miracles do happen. Fast forward a few months, and we are stronger than ever. We came to recognize the missing piece in our puzzle and we work on it daily. Working with Chantel, we were able to move past all the hurt and pain and realize that although we may have been saying it differently, we really wanted the same thing. I’ve recommended so many people to Chantel. She has a unique ability to open doors between people that you may have thought were long closed. We are so grateful for what we’ve learned working with her and the life it’s breathed into our marriage.“ 

    J. Harrison

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