The Become One Again Communication
Course for Couples’ Will Help You …


  • Create new and effective ways of communicating that strengthen your relationship
  • Regain the trust to help you get your sex life back on track
  • Heal past disagreements
  • Decrease painful arguments
  • Recognize the patterns of communication that interfere with intimacy and trust
  • Understand how to meet your partner’s needs
  • Target specific behaviors that are sabotaging your relationship
  • Develop healthy communication patterns


If you’ve been arguing more with your partner, feeling lonely, having less sex or none at all, and are worried about separating … try the Become One Again Communication Course for Couples before resorting to breaking up.

The 6 modules provide a targeted approach to repairing and improving YOUR relationship. By working through the program with your partner or solo, you will identify and repair painful communication patterns. 

Many couples see improvements after doing just 2 modules.  In under 3 hours you and your partner  can improve your relationship on your own time in the comfort of your own home, in HD video formats available for your desktop, laptop, mobile phone and smart TV.

Valued at $700. Buy it for $99.